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So, things at the pay job are slow again.  I work as a subcontractor, so I only work when they have it.  This is both good and bad. 

It works for me because it frees up writing days.  Bad thing is, I’m a creature of habit and I work better on a decent writing schedule.  I’m one of those writers who likes to go in at a certain time each day and slip into a natural rhythm.  I can still work when I only have snatches of time and I do.  A writer writes.  Plain and simple.

But I like it better the other way.

I had today off.  Wrote 2000 words.  Since I spent the entire day in this office, that turnout isn’t so great, but I did have a period of struggle with one of the characters.  He wants a voice.  He’s pretty damned hard headed, too.Plus, I’ve been struggling with some personal issues of my own.  So, that’s not so bad a word count. 😉



So after reaching the 2000 words, I took a break and downloaded a few episodes of Torchwood off Itunes.  And… then I downloaded a few more.  LOL!  Some of it is great, some kind of cheesy.  I really disliked one episode with a Borg type chick.  But I’m enjoying it for the most part, so I went ahead and just bought the entire first season.  Then I saw season 2 is on there as well.  I’ve heard it’s better than the first.  But I may wait on that one because I hit a confusing point. 

I uh, had it going on one computer, so I started writing again on the laptop and think I missed something.  All of the sudden two characters are having an affair when I never even saw the first kiss they talked about. 

And to think I actually went onto Itunes to get Farscape episodes.  The DVD price on Amazon is simply ridiculous when you can get every episode off Itunes for 39 bucks.

I think maybe it was better when I didn’t know I could get TV shows on Itunes for less than 2 bucks a pop.  Sheesh.


  1. June 20, 2008    

    I haven’t seen an episode of Torchwood yet, but I’m a huge Dr. Who fan. The prices for those DVDs are ridiculous too. $80 for a season? That’s just crazy.

  2. June 20, 2008    

    I get a kick out of Torchwood. I think it’s the combination of cheesy and intriguing supernatural that makes it work. Season two is a bit more intense than season one but I can’t say it’s better. Glad you discovered this show. 😉

  3. June 20, 2008    

    I’ve gotten hooked on Torchwood, too. BTW, if you’ve seen the movie THE PRODUCERS, the guy who sings in the Springtime for Hitler number – very blonde hair and cute, is Capt. Jack Harker in Torchwood!

  4. June 20, 2008    

    I only caught one episode but it looked interesting. Dr. Who and his spin-off, not so much. I’ve never done anything on I Tunes. I’ll have to look at that.

  5. June 20, 2008    

    I got all nostalgic reading your FS quotes. ::sniff:: Made me dig my DVDs out. Frell, I adored that show. The dialogue…the plotting. Good-good stuff. Henson said he was not adverse to continuing it, and the actors agreed, but finding the place is not always easy. SciFi Channel wants to own their stuff. ::shrug::

    On buying the show, really, shoulda just asked me, sis. Deep Discount. Don’t buy the FS:Season 1-2-3-4 box sets. They are too high. ADV came out with the Starburst editions later–and they have more extras. http://search.deepdiscount.com/search?w=farscape&

    There are three for each season at $17.27 each. That’s $51.81 a season, and they usually have free shipping. This is a good site for FS.

    Found this reveiew looking for the DVDs. This guy explains the brilliance of the show preety much the way I feel. Season three blew my brains out more than any show I have EVER watched on TV. The wait for the season premier was excruciating. But worth the wait when it came. Of course, the actors nailed their performances to the wall. Meep.

    “Season Three of FARSCAPE is not merely the best of FARSCAPE’s four seasons, but one of the finest seasons of any show in the history of television. I’m not sure that any show took as many risks as these guys did that season and the remarkable thing is that so many of the risks succeeded.

    (spoiler space for season three–don’t read ahead if you don’t want to know)

    The whole arc of the inadvertent creation of two utterly identical John Crichton’s and their separate fates–one to get paired with Aeryn Sun on Talyn where they would consummate their romance before his death, the other to be separated from Aeryn and to have to deal with her grief upon returning to Moya and her dilemma that the man she loved was both dead and yet still alive–was without parallel in both television and film. In my opinion that season is one of the highlights of the history of television. Season Four, on the other hand, is merely outstanding, a first rate season, but inevitably a bit of a disappointment compared with what before. It is like Babe Ruth hitting 54 home runs in 1928 after hitting 60 in 1927. ”
    –Robert Moore

  6. June 20, 2008    

    Oh ,yeah. Risa told me to watch Torchwood. Said I would like it. I have eps on my DVR, just haven’t dug in yet.


  7. CJ CJ
    June 20, 2008    

    If the “affair” you’re referring to is Owen/Gwen, go back to the episode 6 “Countrycide” about multiple disappearances TW investigates and you’ll find it. Interesting things happen while walking in the woods…….

  8. June 20, 2008    

    But that was the episode that got me. At the very beginning, before the woods, they’re talking about a kiss from before. Don’t remember that one. The woods scene came out of nowhere for me since I hadn’t even seen them looking at each other before.

  9. CJ CJ
    June 21, 2008    

    I stand corrected. The “FIRST” kiss comes in the Cyberwoman episode. Owen & Gwen are hding in a cold drawer in the med section of the bunker. Kinda creepy if you think about it.

  10. June 21, 2008    

    I’ve been having a conversation with my Livejournal readers about this show, too. I talked about hating one episode and that was the one. LOL!

  11. June 24, 2008    

    I didn’t watch it from start to finish–like Heroes, but I was always a fan of those type of shows. The season finale of TW is quite sad, though. And that’s all I’m going to say. Oh, and have you seen the episode yet where Capt Jack meets the REAL Capt Jack? Interesting. To say the least. And a little, er, shocking. I still can’t believe..wait…it’s the BBC. I forget they’re a little more liberal than Americans. LOL.

  12. June 24, 2008    

    I love a good smooch–there’s a better one in season two. 😉

    I wish American television was more liberal–it probably will be soon since free TV ends next February.

    I love British television for it humor normally–did you ever see Absolutely Fabulous? Man, that show cracked me up.

    And oh yes, I liked that episode. I only wished the kiss had been in private and not with all those people watching because the poor original Cap probably had a pretty rough time that night with that audience.

    I stopped watching the episodes about halway into season two. Having a bit of trouble with some over acting and some of the story lines. I’ll finish it out since I paid for it, but I made the mistake of reading spoilers before I ever started the show, so I have a feeling I know how season two ends.

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