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Spam and Writer Gremlins

For the record…  All chain emails STOP with me. 

I hate them.  If it says forward or else, I happily delete the mothers.  This is the worst sort of spam.  A “message” with an implied threat–yeah, pretty damned inspiring.  I won’t perpetuate email that’s supposed to inspire guilt.  We have enough things in life that foster that, don’t you think?

Speaking of which…

On the writing front.

I have fleshed out a book that’s exciting me like crazy.  Guess you guys got that last week on this post. <g>  But, I was about six thousand words in when I realized I might need to redo the book in another tense.  So, I started it over and about two hours in yesterday I realized that wasn’t working either.  I think maybe I didn’t start the story in the right place, but I freaking LOVE my first line. 

Ever get frustrated enough you actually stop and clean your house??? 

Seriously, Terri called me yesterday afternoon and I had just finished a three hour stint cleaning the back porch and patio furniture.  With surgery recovery and other things, I’d let it go.  Then I caught up all the laundry and made a big dinner including dessert. 

She reminded me I’m not really supposed to be doing all that work since it uh, looks like I’ll be having another surgery here pretty soon.  (This one outpatient so it won’t slow me down long. <g>)  She then called me a multi-tasker.  I most certainly am that.  However, this frenzied cleaning spree, uh, sprung <snerk> from frustration with where the story had gone.  I had to work off the resulting adrenaline.  LOL. 

The story will gel–it always does.  I just have a few icky personal things on the mind and they’ve turned into mischievous and bored gremlins who are ripping into the story to try and mess with my concentration. 

Don’t worry.  I usually kick their little, bony asses.


  1. June 24, 2008    

    Ever get frustrated enough you actually stop and clean your house???

    That’s the only way my house gets cleaned by me. 😉

  2. June 24, 2008    

    Yeah, well I should have tackled my office. You saw it recently. The dark, cocoon of debris…

  3. June 25, 2008    

    Just remember, don’t feed the gremlins after midnight or let the nasty little suckers get wet.

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