Will Internet Change The Experience?

As a reader, I began to pick up books to escape into worlds other than mine.  I would climb into a story and be a part of it for page after page. 

I’m curious about something.  With the Internet today, a reader can find a book, fall in love, then find the author online.  They can–in some cases–follow that author’s blog and learn all about the “behind the scenes” creation of a work.  The difficulties and successes.

Does anyone wonder if that knowledge eventually takes away from the fantasy of the actual reading of the next book? 

As a writer and frequent blog poster myself, I’ve always felt that keeping things interesting and sharing the hows and whys would keep readers coming back, but I’m curious about the next generation of readers.  Will they be able to get lost in fiction or will they know too much of its creation? 


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  1. That’s a good question and something I hadn’t really thought about it. If anything, I think it would add to the reading experience. Knowing how it all came together, I think the reader would feel even more connected to the story. They can say “Oh yeah, I remember her talking about that.”

  2. I can still get lost in a book, pulled in, even if I know the writer and have followed their career, read their WIP. But the youngsters, I don’t know. They are not as print addicted as we are.

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