He Isn’t Helping

My daughter took this shot.  This is Saber.  When I’m writing, he likes to get on the chair or couch behind my head and snuggle.  Tonight, he wrapped his tail around my neck before sticking it up my nose.

0 thoughts on “He Isn’t Helping”

  1. That made me laugh so hard I caused myself pain AND almost peed my pants. I do love cats.
    Didn’t you know that you needed a pipe cleaner ‘kitty version’ stuffed up your nose?

  2. Glad to amuse. I love that he cuddles, but that lean on my neck sure causes pain. Cat tail up the nose is supremely unpleasant. I sneezed five times and choked.

  3. Cats can be sooooo much fun when trying to write at the computer! Ours like to walk right across the keyboard….they’re even teaching the kittens that trick! Naughty kitties!

  4. Since I have my desktop keyboard on a pull out tray, Saber doesn’t walk across it anymore. I saw him eyeing it–probably realized it wasn’t that stable.

  5. Great pic, Alex!

    Good composition. Good light sourcing–you caught the cat’s ptofile.
    Love the shot of color at the bottom and the unexpectedness of it. Nice work.

  6. ROFLOL!!!! Cats are great. I love the sticking his tail up your nose part. He probably thinks you should be honored.

    Alex always catches such nice photos. She is truly an artist.

    Thanks for sharing!

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