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Making Up Time Today

The defrag took all day yesterday, so I have to make up my payjob work today.  No new words last night because silly me introduced the hubby to Pandemic 2.  He never gets into games, so I didn’t think it would hurt. 

My son was on the desktop, so I snuggled up with the hubby since he was determined to figure it out.  Have to admit, I had a wonderful time with him.  At least we were doing something together.  We both always have several projects going at once and hardly ever slow down. 

And for the record, we didn’t win once.  His new motto is “Get Madagascar, get the world.”  <g> 

And because I refuse to get behind on word goals, I’m pulling double time tonight. Tomorrow, I need to have a good 3000 words to report. 

I will.  I couldn’t sleep last night because the story is taking on shape at a fast rate.  I can’t wait to dive in tonight!

I’ll leave you with a tidbit I found highly amusing yesterday. 

This is me with friends and writers Deb Brehens, Betty Sanders, Jordan Dane… and I’m sorry, but I don’t know the bookstore owner’s name.  Oops. Check out the snippet about Jordan in Vicki Pettersson’s blog post yesterday.  😉

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