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Needed Some Older Tunes

Rush projects in the pay job were called in yesterday afternoon, so I’m swamped.  Making sacrifices-Can’t go to the OKRWA meeting. 🙁 — this weekend so I can make up writing goals and carve out some badly needed kiddo time.  Plus, I need to be writing.  The story is so alive and I’m frustrated by every moment I spend doing something else.

So to cheer myself up, I’ve been playing some of my top songs from the eighties.

This first song was my absolute favorite.  I can still listen to this one and get pulled back into the moods and emotions I felt as a teenager when it was popular.  Yesterday was particularly long and rough, so I listened to it.  A lot. 

Donald Fagan has a more recent CD with great songs–one is the H Gang.  Really “feel good” type music.  My kids think I’m ill when I put in these CDs–they say it doesn’t fit my normal listens. (Moody Trip Hop or pretty hard rock–like Korn or Tool.)  I tell them to never put themselves in a box. <g> I became a Fagan fan with this song.
Liked this one, too.  I need to step out of this house…  😉


  1. Kathy Kathy
    July 19, 2008    

    Good choices. I love Donald Fagen–also when he was with Steely Dan. Good stuff.

    The Joe Jackson vid sent me wayyyyyy back. That was 1982 chickies. The reason I know that is, I was big and pregnant with Risa then, and MTV was a newborn. This vid was one of about ten that they had–all they had. MTV didn’t plan on being so big so quickly, and only the bands who had vids ready to go profited from the exposure and the instant stardom. Most we British bands. Duran Duran, Toto, Men at Work, Flock of Seagulls…they played these few vids over…and over…and over again. And I watched them over…and over…and over.

    When I was balling at Little Home on the Prairie reruns. Damned pregnant sobs.


  2. July 20, 2008    

    I became a Steely Dan fan later. I remember MTV then. I loved the channel when it was all music. First video I ever saw was City’s Burning by Heart. I was hooked after that. Also loved Duran Duran, Toto, Men at Work… Flock of Seagulls—I only knew one song and that was because that damn video played over and over.

    Been listening to a ton of eighties music lately. It had such a unique feel to it.

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