Put the Paper in Your Hands

My CP, Rachel, never prints her work.  She does everything on screen. 

I do a lot of my work on screen, but I’ve learned it’s not until I actually print the scenes out and physically handle them– that I “feel” the story.  This probably sounds like pure bunk to some, but I like to see the words on the page, read the flow in single spacing–experience it as it would be in book form. 

It just does it for me. 😉


I’ve been writing in such scattered moments, during times of heavy stress and was truly thinking this roughdraft was… well, bunk.  heh heh

I printed out what I have last night before I went to bed, got up this morning, made myself chocolate truffle coffee (Oh freaking yum)and sat down with the pages.  It needs research and tightening of course, but it’s not nearly as bad as I thought.  It’s being written for a younger crowd, so there’s a bit of drama, but believe me, I spend a lot of time around teenagers and it’s all about the drama.   

So, I’ve decided to completely move back the third chapter, add a whole new scene in there, polish up three of these suckers and write a synop.  Have Rachel take a looksee then see if my agent, Miriam Kriss, thinks it’s a marketable story off this beginning. 

For now, though, I have to work on the payjob.  Hope I can focus with this story unfolding in the old noggin.  I’ll have to distract myself with Doctor Who episodes.  My Livejournal blog friends are such huge fans, I got season one and part of two off Itunes.  Man… am I hooked.  I want the rest, but I have to be good here.  This is Chandra and Karen’s fault… wait… this might be  Lisa’s fault, as well…

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  1. I completely understand the need to print out what you’re working on. I actually do the majority of my writing with pen & paper, then I do my first bit of editing as I type it up. I don’t know why, but I find it easier to think with a pen.

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