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Full Saturday=Camera Phone Brain Death

A glimpse into Chaos. 😉


Yesterday was full.  Left the house at seven thirty for football practice, scrimmages and weigh-in.  That was done around twelve thirty.  Five. Hours.  It has rained so much here lately, the humidity is something else.  It was a long, long, hot morning. 

We returned home only to face backed up yard work.  The hubby had another place to be in the afternoon, so I mowed while he edged and worked the weed eater.  We have a huge yard.  I felt better when I thought about the calories I burned.  But, he took off with his near daily two hour trip to check up on our car wash only to find that someone had poured gasoline into one of the pits.  Took him more hours in the heat to break down this deadly gift left by some inconsiderate person.  Grr. We won’t even go into some of the other gifts left there. 

I set my son up to finish mowing the back yard while I showered and then I raced into the city for Brooke Taylor’s book launch for Undone! 

This was a part of my day I looked forward to.  Oh, she looked stunning and so happy!  It was a lovely book launch.  Too bad I forgot to bring a camera.

I do wish I had bothered to eat before going.  With the long day, hard work and no food, I was a jittery, chatty mess.  The sun had given me a headache so I’d popped two Advil before leaving.  Poor Malena Lott  got the brunt of my incoherence when I first arrived.

But, you should have seen me trying to work Rachel’s new phone–or the camera part of it.  I’d hit critical brain death at that point.  I later told her I shouldn’t be allowed out of the house. 😉

All rested up today, but the free day has the hubby all kinds of excited.  He’s putting together a list of deep cleaning and repair projects.  It’s nine a.m. and he’s already pulled out kitchen appliances. 

I should have known I was in trouble when I stumbled in here this morning to find him already watching the Diy Network. Sigh.


  1. August 24, 2008    

    Oh man, I’m so jealous! I wanted to go to Cindy’s launch, but couldn’t break free (pouting here). Sounds like the boy child is all set for football. And speaking of which…you KNOW why he’s doing this all this weekend, righ? College football starts next weekend…LOL!

    Love you, chica!

  2. August 25, 2008    

    The hubby doesn’t watch college, but he sooo gets into professional. We ended up going to the lake anyway.

    I dreamed we had one of our phone convos this weekend. Strange. 😉

  3. August 25, 2008    

    I’m sooooo glad you got to come Rinda!! And I’m sure if anyone was an incoherent mess, it was me. LOL. Thanks so much for helping make my launch a success! (I sold out-tee hee).

    Terri, I’m sorry you couldn’t come, but with the long drive and weekends at such a premium–I understand completely. I hope you’ll make it for the retreat though!!

  4. August 25, 2008    

    Nah, you came off cool and professional. And happy. Man, that grin of yours was huge. It was wonderful!

    You sold out!!! That’s great! Are they going to reorder more??? 😉

    At the lake yesterday, my friend’s daughter asked about your book. Her friend is reading it and loved it.

  5. August 25, 2008    

    Five hours? You were looking forward to school starting so you’d have MORE time, not less! Dang!

    And gasoline in the bay? People have no brains.

    As for the DIY, I know how he feels. I’ve been on a nesting kick. Cleaned an area rug, which turned out to be a way harder job than I thought. Finally got the living room where it looks like mine, and still includes Bear’s Native American print. Still need to do the garage, so I can move Lauren’s stuff out there and redo her room.

    Glad you got to go to the booksigning. Sounds like it was great. Congratulations to Brooke!


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