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Random Goodness

I don’t always like these.  I prefer to add a flavor to my own strong coffee, but this one is seriously yummy.

Don’t forget Rachel’s giveaway

Check out Jeaniene Frost’s new cover.  I didn’t think it could get better than the first one in the series, but the color scheme and sexy pose on this one is fantastic!  I’ve gotta find the boots and coat for myself!

Author Talk has Jackie Kessler–a fellow Miriam Kriss client!

Speaking of agency sistahs… Karen Mahoney has a new website.  I can’t wait to meet her in person someday–she’s across an ocean and we’ve been getting to know each other online.  I’ve recently learned that Karen thinks Mondays have a special magic. <g>

I got my synopsis together today!  It only needs tweaking once I let it sit a couple of days.  After brainstorming with Rachel the other day, I know exactly where I want this story to go, so I’m planning to dive in tomorrow and rework the third person parts into first.   I’m just not a pantzer anymore.  I like having my plot laid out so I know where to go when I sit down to work. 

Oh, and since I’ve been on a chocolate kick,   Brooke Taylor had these at her launch and I snuck two.  Oh man, they melt in your mouth! Only hers were raspberry dark chocolate and I can’t find a pic!

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