Adjustment and Oreo Dancing

My story yesterday would have been better if I’d stopped with this.

Fool Moon   ( Jim Butcher)
Happy Hour of the Damned  (Mark Henry)
The Upright Man  (Michael Marshall)
Hammered  (Elizabeth Bear)
A Hunger Like No Other  (Kresley Cole)
Who Do You Love  (Jean Thompson)
Women and Other Animals  (Bonnie Jo Campbell)

Eh, I was in a hurry.   Was doing too many things.  Had an expensive vet trip for the cat and last night, I had to make cramming for a test easier and more fun.  My teenager is studying things like pseudostratified ciliated culumar and simple squamous.  So, I played a kind of memory game with her. 

Even my eleven year-old jumped in to play.  Before they went to bed, my daughter was murmuring about Squanto, hugging Adipose and Oreos.  And as he went to bed, my son was singing, “Oreo. Yum.  Yum.”  while doing REM’s Losing My Religion dance. 

My hubby was muttering about Mini Me Rindas and the end of the world.

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  1. The women and other animals cracked me up. 😉

    And sorry about your kitty. Hope she is doing better. 🙁

    My daughter turns her timeline in today. It was supposed to be of a family member. I let her do it of our cat, because our pets are family. We printed out pics and they read in order…

    First day in our home (cat in her lap)
    First bath (Cat playing with faucet)
    First fishing trip (cat sitting on top of fish tank)
    First Olympic games (Kitty watching gymnastics on tv)

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