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My Softer Music Side Today

Elsiane’s  Hybrid is now available on Itunes and Amazon in the US!!!!!!!  This music has inspired me so much in my current work in progress–enough to make it into the acknowledgements should the trilogy sell. 🙂   The full song Vaporous plays on their website (click on band name above) and I’d put that video off Youtube here, but the sound isn’t so great.  So, I’ll share this one again. 

Also, I mentioned Lou Rhodes  (Takes you to Myspace–lots of fantastic stripped down sound.) in a previous post. Think the voice is familiar? Those of us who spent years as trip hop junkies will recognize those pipes.  (Lamb, for those who don’t.)   I really love the emotion in the song Why on her first solo CD, Beloved One, but then, I’m also partial to several other songs on it as well.  Sharing this one because not only is the song good, the video is sexy!



Alas, I did not mix Nyquil and either of the two movies last night.  No bizarro erotic dreams with this beautiful man.

Did have my Nyquil, but I spent time dozing in and out of it on the couch until two in the morning waiting on my daughter.  She babysits and I’m one of those parents who can’t escape into full slumber until all my chicks are home.

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