I’m glad one huge gathering is down.  They’re fun, but sooo exhausting.  I clean before and I clean after.  Lots of tile floors with sticky, dried food and spilled wine.  Found food directly on antique tables… But the costumes were fun!  I’ll post the pics as soon as my sister forwards them. 

As for the changes to the sidebars,  I had a website through AOL and it was deleted without any warning.  So I’ve been scrambling to find all the images I hosted there.  Think I’m about to cancel membership to AOL for good. I’ve only held off because of my kids–they use it.  Plus, changing out email addresses after having the same one ten years will be a pain!  

Other than that, I got a synopsis off to my agent for feedback and look forward to her response.  It’s hard to tell whether you’ve nailed something or not.  I feel like I did, but an objective opinion will let me know for sure. 


On a positive note, I may be doing a giveaway.  I ordered a copy of Cherie Priest’s Four and Twenty Blackbirdsand I completely forgot I’d already downloaded it from her publisher.  I’m about halfway through the ebook and I must say, the southern, Gothic setting is fantastic.  😉  So, I’m thinking of a little trip down memory lane with a Scene From a Pic Snarky Reader Style.  One of my readers here has a great photo with a Gothic feel.  Might be looking for judges, etc.  It’s still in the works. 🙂