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Rinda Unplugged

Apologies for the unannounced week of Rinda Unplugged.  I wanted to leave the Apex Raffle  up for a while.  It’s not going so well for them this year, but then a lot of us are holding our breaths over this economy.  The rumors circulating about the publishing industry have had me sweating out an already intense wait on this first book sale. 😉

A few people emailed to ask if I was okay.  Hadn’t realized that I’ve been blogging for three years this month and not once have I ever let a week pass between posts without some sort of announcement first.  Sorry about that.  

Last week was a little off for me.  Lots of personal issues to deal with as well as preparations for the big Thanksgiving party we host.  I was also dealing with a bit of melancholy over Rachel moving.  We’re still going to work together as much as always–nothing will change that– and we’ll no doubt still be vocal online and on the phone, but I’ll miss her being close. 

And yes, since this blog has always been about the honest experiences and feelings of one writer, I’ll admit I’ve been fighting some disappointment over not having book news for the holiday season.  I’m still in the running, still have work making the rounds, but this process can take time and every now and then, I let the worry get to me. 

So…the hubby picked up on the mood and pointed out that I’ve been burying myself in work and not getting out. 

Um… it’s important to remember there is a life outside of writing.  It’s good to get some sunshine on the face–spend time with family.  So he took Friday off and we spent the weekend out and about, then inside preparing for the holidays.  Redecorated the bedroom, cleaned out things I’d let go while writing–the pantry and refrigerator needed overhauling.

Had a lovely weekend.  Everything feels fresh and clean and I worked on the cobwebs in the mind and heart as well.

He was right.  A breather was exactly what I needed.  I feel refueled now. 

It’s possible draft one of the current WIP will be done by Christmas, so I’m hoping that Rachel and I are settled in enough by January because we will both have work ready for those incredibly intense yet ridiculously fun critique sessions.


  1. November 24, 2008    


  2. November 24, 2008    

    Thanks. You have sick kiddos, so hugs to you, too. 🙂

  3. November 25, 2008    

    Glad you’re feeling better. You’re right. Focusing on something, such as decorating can recharge your creative batteries. We painted Lauren’s old room this weekend. It is now (surprise of all surprises) a library. Put all the antiques in there. Painted it a neutral gray, which goes with the black and white tiles and pops with my silver and burgandy silk curtains.

    Sorry you’re sad about Rachel. I remember what it was like to live far away from my friends. I’m glad to be close to you all again. Hugs to you and Rachel both. Thank God for email.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. November 25, 2008    

    Oh, a library! How nice! Knowing you, it’ll be filled with books as well as movies. Thanks for buying Apex Raffle tickets, btw. 😉

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