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Sweet Life Revisited and Kasey MacKenzie’s News!

Tonight, I took this recipe The Pioneer Woman’s Best Lasagne Ever  and made it my own.

What I changed: 

Ricotta instead of cottage cheese.
Diced tomatoes in basil and garlic instead of whole stewed.
Shredded Mozzarella instead of sliced.
Shredded Parmesan instead of powdered ground.
I also added a bit of oregano, a little extra tomato sauce…

I took a basic, great recipe and used what I have.  I’m sure the Pioneer Woman’s recipe is fantastic as is because several authors on Twitter have tried it and loved it.  My husband just prefers ricotta over cottage in lasagne and I tend to like lots of smaller bites of tomato over larger, full bites.

It turned out great!  My husband ate three huge helpings.  My son scarfed it in record time, thanked me and went back to video games.  <g>  The daughter missed it–which is usual these days.  She has her own, busy social life. 

There’s a little time involved, but it’s worth it.  Plus, I have enough for another meal… or two. 😉

I also tried a new wine.  Lapis Luna 2004 California Cabernet Sauvignon.  I like it.  Nice, strong bite with a hint of smooth oak finish. 

Made a chocolate fudge cake, but my son had excellent grades this week, so the hubby came home and surprised us with banana split makings.  He even brought me marshmallow cream and chopped pecans. Yes, I haven’t grown up. There is nothing like chocolate ice cream, marshmallow cream and pecans…

I have to start dieting tomorrow… 

Have one possible appointment, then the weekend is mostly free.  I’m going to take advantage, lock myself in my room or office and finish polishing two chapters. 



Kasey MacKenzie has fantastic news!  We signed on with our agents around the same time, so I’ve been keeping up with her.  This week, she had one of those once in a lifetime pieces of news!  A very nice first sale.  Congrats Kasey!!!  Here’s her link if you’d like to add your own congrats.

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