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Updates and Anticipation

There is so much going on with the holidays, my posts will be sporadic over the next couple of weeks.  I have family coming for Christmas and New Years.  I’m attending the OKRWA Christmas party and I also have an anniversary somewhere in all this.   (Because I’m one of those crazy people who  married in December.  <g> Sorry, could NOT resist teasing on that one, Karen.  Still chuckling. 😉  ) 

In writing news…with the way Rachel and I critique, we go through a few very intense working phases a year.  We’re in one now.  Tonight for instance, we’ve been emailing back and forth, discussing important threads of her story. Coming at a scene from two different points of view–with one on the inside–really throws things into perspective and we’re hashing it out.  Like I said, it’s intense and I’m the sort who will go back through to make sure I haven’t screwed up somehow, maybe focused on the wrong thing in a scene.  A critique covers not only story and character, but setting, phrasing and even typos.  We can pick up on one thing and forget to open up the mind to the other goodies around it. <g>

I thrive on this kind of challenging work, though.  Effin Love It.  It really makes you think–think about better ways to weave and create and describe.   Man, I’ve got a challenge fetish thing happening here.  LOL.

But yeah, this kind of work  fires me up for my own writing in such a productive way.  The need to get past the holiday activity and dive fully into the work is alive and hot in my chest.  It’s crowding the lungs.  I’m still writing through the activity… or around it, but it’s mostly been in fits and spurts.  (Ew. Ever really tried to put that phrase to an image?  Shudder. <g>)


In January, I’ll be sharing some exciting news about a cool promotional project with some of the best names in the urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres.  We’ve been hashing out details for months now, so I can hardly wait!

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