Still Alive, Kicking and Taking Names

I’m neglecting my blog readers. The flogging will now commence!  Comments have slowed, but with Blog subscription feeds, I think a lot of us are reading in one place these days, so I know you still visit. I do apologize for so much silence lately on what was once a pretty damned mouthy blog.  (It will be again, no worries!) I’ve been caught up in personal business and also working so hard to get the new book done.  It threw me another curve ball–a pretty good one, I hope– so I had to go back a bit. 

Hard work pays off, right?

I keep repeating that.  Hard work and waiting.  Patience. Something of which I don’t have a lot…<g>

In the meantime, our new site The Deadline Dames is going very well and tomorrow, we’re introducing a new fun feature called Dame for a Day.  So make sure to visit me here Wednesday to see who was brave enough to be our first victim.  😉

0 thoughts on “Still Alive, Kicking and Taking Names”

  1. haha that sums up writing pretty well: hard work and waiting. it will definitely pay off for you, though! good luck with the curve balls 🙂

  2. Lynn, I’ve been reading you on Google Reader. Hang in there. The right agent will come along. 😉

    Hi Sunny!!!! Yes, bookmark the Dames site–we have a lot of fun in store. Saw your bruises on your blog. Ouch.

    Jen, I’d give a lot for that secret. A lot.

  3. Truth be told, I’ve been scarce myself in cyberspace lately. Life changes. You get a new agent and your routine’s no longer the same. I understand.

    Still rooting for you. BTW, I’m sure you’ll get damed one day.

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