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Planned Reward

I’m such a dork.  My reward for either finishing this next book fast or selling the first one is this.  It comes out in June and I’m excited about it.  (This video is fun!)


Yes, I play the Sims.  It’s been a while, but a local artist I like, Nene Thomas, has been showing the fun she’s having with the game on her blog and she reminded me how much I used to love it.  My setting is contemporary and kind of crazy at times. And okay, okay.  I make Sims from my book characters.  (Hides in shame.)  I currently have Sims 2 Nightlife and I use a lot of custom content–seriously funky clothes and fantastic decor for the homes.  A lot of people are involved in Sim World–even another favorite artist of mine, Linda Bergkvist, has created gorgeous options for the game.  Pixie and zombie skins, oh yeah.  You’ll have to click the link to understand. <G>

It’s a time suck, so it’s only done as reward for me. I’m not nearly as involved as I could be, but as soon as this book is done, I’m taking a couple of days to play.  Right now, I fit in an hour here and there.  I do have more fun creating and designing than I do the actual play, but it looks like Sims 3 will make the play more interesting. 

And in book news, I’m flying through the current WIP and loving it.  Just loving it. 

I made a major change to the world and environment and the book is now more ME than it was before.  Sent up three chapters to Rachel today, so we’ll see if the goosebumps I’ve worn while typing mean I nailed it. 😉

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  1. March 29, 2009    

    I played the original SIMS briefly, but I quit because I could not figure out how to make them fall in love.

    Might try it again, though. I miss WoW somoething fierce, but it was an incredible time suck. Now I’m just a WoW widow.

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