Here’s a breakdown of another crazy week of accomplishment. 😉

I picked up contract work late Tuesday and worked through an entire section until I was done–somewhere around ten Tuesday night. 

Then, I grabbed the short story Rachel had critiqued–the one due Saturday— and realized that every time I picked it up, I cringed.  This had nothing to do with the critique.  I didn’t like the story.  So, late that night, I decided to write another story from scratch. And it would still be due Saturday. I mentioned that on Twitter.

I awakened Wednesday to a Twitter, an email and a little later, a phone call from Rachel.  She was understandably concerned. (I think she’d thought I’d finally snapped.  heh)  I assured her the new story idea was better.  Her critique had nothing to do with my decision. (But I owe her for wasting her time on it.)

Especially since she has a HUGE release this week!!!! 

MSTTake front

So, Wednesday, I came up with a new idea, researched it and wrote it.  6500 words.  My husband knows this publication is really important to me, so he took care of the kids when he got home, got a sleepover friend for our son to keep him occupied–made sure I could work straight through.  And I did it.  This story was more lush, realistic and sexy than the first story. Felt pretty good about it as  I emailed that sucker off to Rachel seriously late that night. (I do not normally give her a first draft. She may end up wringing my neck for all this extra work I’ve been giving her, but I’ll make it up to her. <G>)

I awakened the next day to an email from Rachel who said it wasn’t nearly the mess the other one had been and she liked it! 

So…Thursday, I had planned to cram the rest of my contract work, to do the work of three days in one long day.  (I did it with writing the day before, so why not?)  I started really early and again, the hubby helped out by taking the boys swimming in the afternoon.  I worked straight through and did that entire section in a day.  12 hours-only getting up to grab food, drink or take bathroom breaks. 

Turns out it was a good thing.  The company really needed that particular session. 

I did crash early.  The nights between the cramming weren’t filled with much sleep due to loud thunderstorms.  But I woke up today to a quiet morning, yummy coffee and a feeling of solid, smile-inducing contentment. I accomplished every single thing I set out to do this week.  And honestly? I think I’m slightly warped because I really dig this sort of challenge.  I’m going to rock with book deadlines. 😉

So, I’ll be polishing up the short when I get it back and then I’ll work on polishing more of my YA–we had to put it on hold a few days because of the other deadline.  But I’m taking a day off this weekend to do something fun with my family.  They really stepped up to help me this week. 

And oh, I think my new big deadline mug with matching coaster worked magic this week, too.  I used it throughout the writing and contract work.  😉