Life is Crazy!

I had to take the day off to finish up a couple of writing projects and try to catch up the house a little.  The kids have helped a LOT, keeping things picked up.  They are great!  But some of the deep down stuff needs to be done and all I’ve been able to do at night is come home, shower and collapse.  I’m simply not used to being on my feet and physically active for hours on end in temperatures of 107. 

Feels like I’m behind in… everything. 

So, I’m  having a Catch-Up Day.  Cleaning and then putting my sore, swollen feet up to get two writing projects done today. 

I’m hoping to do nothing but hang with my children tonight.  🙂

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  1. Hanging with kids is a good thing. Going to CO in the morning, taking an arc of my soul to take with me. Was impressed with the short story. Give yourself time to rest. Carol

  2. You don’t live in AZ, do you? Because 107 is NOTHIN’ over here. It gets Iraq-hot over here, lady. 114-115/ Yeah, it gets crazy over here.

  3. It’s always to pet a good dog, stroke a good cat, or hang with a kid whether they’re good or not. *grin* We’ve had temps in the 70’s and 80’s, really weird, but it’s been great.

    Miss you, though. Hope all is well.

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