Writing Through the Hard Stuff

Sorry for the sporadic blogging of late. Have some personal struggles going on that take a lot of my attention.  In writing news, I did have a fun announcement. I actually linked and announced it at The Deadline Dames last week, but I like the cover enough to post it again. <g>  I have a story in this book coming out in the UK in March 2010. I don’t have the US release date yet. 

mammothbookspecialopsI also finished the Norse young adult–the first in a trilogy I’m writing about eighteen year-old triplets.  Since each book is a stand alone per sister, I put more romance in this one and plan to do the same with the other two.  Plus, it really happened that way naturally–these characters had a lot of chemistry!

Got it to my agent last week and am soooo looking forward to hearing what she thinks.  I made the mistake of pulling it up after I sent it to her and saw areas to tweak, so I shut it down fast.  It’s hell being a perfectionist sometimes. 

Writing through the personal struggles has been a challenge, but if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to work even when all you feel like doing is crying. I still have hope that I’ve learned enough and picked up enough skill to have this as a career.  Hope is what keeps us going, what makes us work through the hard times.  

I’ve already got two more ideas simmering.  I’m a writer. It’s how my brain functions. 🙂

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  1. That’s it, writing through and getting it done is the only way. If we wait for the best time, there is no such thing. Any more than there’s a perfect time to have a baby, buy a house, get married, write a book, ain’t no such animal. As Nike says, “just do it.” Carol

  2. Don’t you love it when your characters like each other naturally? You must have a special talent, because in my last attempt at a romance my two characters simply were not interested in each other. This became clear when in the scene I specifically ordained for their shining moment of love…the FMC pulled the MMC off his horse, knocked him out, left him for dead, and attempted to escape the premise on the MMC’s horse.

    It was almost as if she was trying to communicate sometihng to me…

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