A Sunday Ramble-Old Manuscripts

I finally got some holiday decorating done. I’m behind this year.  Plus, I’ve decided to take a break from the job hunt until the new year.  It’s a peace of mind thing more than anything else because this year has held a few too many personal disappointments and I want to enjoy some holiday time with my family and work on the second in my YA trilogy.  (Still hoping for some good writing news before Christmas, though. Can’t quite set that one aside. <g>)

I’ve been looking at old finished manuscripts and there are a couple of early books that should have never been written to the end. Still can’t believe I got such personalized rejects on those–can’t believe I ever sent them out.  LOL!

But I also have a few early books that have promise. I’ve realized I hadn’t developed rewriting skills with those and while the work will be hard, I may rewrite a couple. One is a romantic suspense about  high school best friends who reconnect and there’s a creepy bad guy and one is a paranormal about a cat shifter.  Still iffy on that one since my CP is known for her werecats.  In my book, the curse came from a group of Vikings who invaded where they shouldn’t have. (Yeah, yeah, that Norse stuff sneaks into a lot of my books.)

What’s sad is there is one manuscript that could be cool if I came up with a lot of updated ideas.  My heroine was a computer hacker for the government and she was recruited after putting them through a wild goose chase through Northern Ireland as a teenager.  She came from a family with a Catholic father and a Protestant mother who abandoned her and she’d found a place to belong in the hacker world.  But both the background and the computer programs I used are out of date, so the research would be intense.

I do have a VERY exciting idea for another young adult novel. This would be a stand alone-something I haven’t written in a long time. It will be emotionally dark, a tear jerker, but it’s another of those goose bump ideas, so I gotta write it. I really enjoy writing for teenagers. That could have a lot to do with having a wonderful teenage daughter who has fascinating friends. I get such a kick out of them. 😉

I’ll be blogging at the Deadline Dames this Wednesday and I have an upcoming guest blog I’ve agreed to do.  Still going back and forth on topics for both, so if anyone has ideas, feel free to share.

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  1. I wish you luck on the job hunt.

    And I haven’t written that many novels, but I keep a journal that has a list of novels that I plan on write, something like a list of upcoming projects. I have too many ideas from my years as a teen and I usually get around to laugh so hard, because as a teen I always felt that I must retell all the manga and anime series I watch, but to be honest I have a two or three ideas that might make good novels in the end.

    I am excited about 3-4 projects that recently popped in my head and when I start and finish revisions on that UF book I finished 2008 I will get around to doing those. I know, it’s a big schedule, but it’s the writer fever. 🙂

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