I know the holidays have people busy, but I’d love to see some comments on how you guys feel about specific themed websites.  I want to do a proper author website, but I’m very interested in creating two separate ones.  One will have Norse mythological art, a glossary of terms and possibly, the Poetic Edda itself since I use it quite heavily in my Wyrd Sisters Trilogy for young adults.  I also want it to have a youthful feeling, be slightly sexy and very mysterious.  (I’ve been collecting art links, so if you come across anything that sounds like it would fit, feel free to send me a link.)

My other one will have a mix of mythologies since Dweller on the Threshold is actually a mesh of several. I cover Greek and Norse but it’s also peppered with a heavy dose of theosophy. The Dweller is a very scary creature. Since the book references centuries of mass murderers, this website will not have a youthful feeling. And with Beri being a warrior, I’d like it to center pretty heavily around her. In fact, I had linked to a wonderful image of a warrior woman with two knives, but the link is dead and she’s gone. Grr!  

Anyway, I love the way my critique partner, Rachel Vincent, has put her dual writing personalities together on one website–it’s absolutely gorgeous too. Have you seen it? http://www.rachelvincent.com 

 I’m still pulling together ideas for what I plan to do. In the meantime, I’ll still be mostly here. And Livejournal. And Facebook. And Twitter.  (Will probably be dumping the Myspace-too many viruses on that ridiculous social network.)