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I know the holidays have people busy, but I’d love to see some comments on how you guys feel about specific themed websites.  I want to do a proper author website, but I’m very interested in creating two separate ones.  One will have Norse mythological art, a glossary of terms and possibly, the Poetic Edda itself since I use it quite heavily in my Wyrd Sisters Trilogy for young adults.  I also want it to have a youthful feeling, be slightly sexy and very mysterious.  (I’ve been collecting art links, so if you come across anything that sounds like it would fit, feel free to send me a link.)

My other one will have a mix of mythologies since Dweller on the Threshold is actually a mesh of several. I cover Greek and Norse but it’s also peppered with a heavy dose of theosophy. The Dweller is a very scary creature. Since the book references centuries of mass murderers, this website will not have a youthful feeling. And with Beri being a warrior, I’d like it to center pretty heavily around her. In fact, I had linked to a wonderful image of a warrior woman with two knives, but the link is dead and she’s gone. Grr!  

Anyway, I love the way my critique partner, Rachel Vincent, has put her dual writing personalities together on one website–it’s absolutely gorgeous too. Have you seen it? http://www.rachelvincent.com 

 I’m still pulling together ideas for what I plan to do. In the meantime, I’ll still be mostly here. And Livejournal. And Facebook. And Twitter.  (Will probably be dumping the Myspace-too many viruses on that ridiculous social network.)


  1. December 18, 2009    

    I’ve checked out Rachel Vincent’s site and it’s lovely and appropriate. She did a great job at keeping things together, but giving out different vibes. I think your idea of two pages, one mildly younger and the other darker is really good. I’ll keep an eye for that sort of things.

    Oh, sorry you lost the cool link ;(

  2. December 18, 2009    

    I think the two pages like Rachel would work for you. One of my New Years Resolutions is to write in a different genre. I’m addicted to adult romance books, so I think I might try that. Maybe a little erotica. If I stuck with it, though, I think I would have to do two totally separate websites. And a pen name. LOL. I can’t put YA and erotica on the same site. That would be SO wrong on SO many levels. LOL

  3. December 18, 2009    

    Celise, LOL! Yes, I’d do separate websites and a pen name in that case. But how fun! Are you a member of your local RWA chapter? That group is great for romance writers.

    Hi Magaly. I will probably scoop up the dual main page idea. Depends on what transpires with both series.

  4. December 18, 2009    

    However, I’ve thought about having a separate website for my YA series.

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