Important Post-Lots of Info

Wednesday post going up early and staying up a few days since there’s a lot of important info in here. ūüôā

First up, I’m blogging at The Deadline Dames today with this month’s ROD challenge.¬† We had two winners from last month and getting to that decision was pretty funny.¬† We had a three-way Dame tie and smacked¬†down some pressure on the last voters. ¬† Check out the winners here and think about entering the December ROD.¬† The prize is a $25 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble and we’re using one of our own purchased Dame images! I’d love to see a lot of cool interpretations of this creepy girl on a church pew.¬† You can make our decision harder!

Also, you’ll notice an important announcement (Check out the temporary banner to your left…and your right!) about the Ebay auction from Irene Goodman of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency.¬† (Yes, my agency!)¬† She is auctioning off 25 critiques and all the proceeds are going to the Foundation Fighting Blindness and the Deafness Research Foundation. This is a fantastic opportunity to win a critique from a wonderful agent!¬†

I wanted to say a big congrats to fellow dame, Lilith Saintcrow!¬† Her young adult book, Betrayals, debuted at #5 on the children’s NYT list!¬† HOW COOL IS THAT????

My critique partner, Rachel Vincent, got to see her book, My Soul to Save, on 20/20 last week.¬† Yes, it was a special about vampire young adult fiction and her book isn’t about vampires, but it is about the bean¬†sidhe and it’s wonderful! Dames Karen Mahoney and Lili St. Crow were also featured with The Eternal Kiss! (FYI, Lilith writes her young adult series under the pen name Lili St. Crow.)

Also, fellow urban fantasy writer, Mark Henry, has a special “Save Amanda Feral” campaign going on.¬† Happy Hour of the Damned cracked me up.¬† We simply need more Amanda Feral, so please, follow the link and see how you can help!

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