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Still Time to Win

I shared my very long writer’s journey in a post at Fantasy Literature and there’s still time to comment to win a copy of Rachel Vincent’s My Soul to Save.  I’ll be choosing a winner tomorrow.


I had a couple of emails from people telling me they were inspired by how long I’ve been at this-that I haven’t given up. I’m so glad you’re finding the story inspiring! There is something to be said for tenacity. <G>  Honestly, I used to be embarrassed about how long this has taken me and yes, I sometimes still am.  But I LOVE to write. I have so many ideas and getting to know the characters who end up feeling very real to me is how I want to spend my time. 

And yes, I want to make a living at this.  As I said, I have a lot of stories still to tell and how cool would it be to actually pay your bills from doing what you love? (Okay, yeah, still unemployed so I’m even MORE determined now. LOL!)

So, I keep writing and I keep submitting and I keep the hope alive.  Who knows? Maybe this will be the year.

Happy 2010 to all my readers! You all rock!

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