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The Fever & Shout to The Dames and Miriam!

I love it when the writing FEVER settles in. I went to bed scribbling in a notebook and awakened only to reach for it. Last night, I also watched the disappointing Thunder/Lakers game–okay, I didn’t make it to the end–but Thunder was trailing by 30 points, so I went to bed.  But I was writing the entire time. I also drew maps of my futuristic city.

This morning, I wrote before I even got up. Went to type it into the computer and my Toshiba laptop had crashed again. This is turning into a constant problem. I’ve wiped the hard drive and started with factory condition four times in the last month.

Need some “reliable” suggestions for my next laptop. So far, I’m hearing HP.

I am backing up to an external drive every five minutes now.  I need to be able to dive fully into my book at this point, so it’s annoying.

But… it’s hard to stay annoyed when you have these to look at. (I know, find the good camera, right? ) <g>

Also want to send out a “Have Fun” shout to my agent, Miriam Kriss, and the other Deadline Dames who are now at the Romantic Times convention in Columbus. Lucky Dames!!!  Wish I could be there with you. And get this, I heard from my agent last night–she’s working hard while in party town. Gotta love that! You rock, Miriam! 🙂

Devon Monk and the others have promised to email me pics, so keep an eye out at the Deadline Dames!


  1. Amanda Amanda
    April 28, 2010    

    I LOVE my HP laptop. LOVE IT. It’s the only computer I do my writing on now. The big computer is Internet only 🙂

  2. April 28, 2010    

    I read that Toshiba was the best on the market for NOT breaking down. Interesting. Last month, I bought one of those little $300 Toshiba Netbooks. For when I’m writing on the go. LOL. Not writing on the go so much, but it’ll be useful for when I do.

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