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The Bright Light Beckons

Going to write today. The house could use some cleaning, but I don’t care. I feel like escaping deep into a fictional world of my creation. Feel like following the stream of light that takes me away from reality and let’s me experience excitement, challenge and maybe a little romance.

Three chapters (and a working synopsis) of Unnatural Selection are off to my agent. I have a few vivid scenes taking up brain space I’d like to write, but I want to wait for her reaction. It’s her first glimpse of the book. I’m both nervous and excited about it. My gut is telling me it’s good. My critique partner is telling me it’s good–once she reminded me of my little antecedent issue. (I know how they work, I just fight the system sometimes! <g> )

My agent will be the first to read US for story. She’s not there to critique it by line, she’s there to let me know if I’ve hit gold or not. So it’s nervy, yeah, but it’s also seriously cool.  If the response is good, I’ll lay the book out. If it needs work… well, I sort of get off on the challenge. I’d say that’s a sickness, but it makes me strive for better. 

Let me know what isn’t working and I’ll crawl into the story to find a better fit.

I’m leaning toward working on book two in my Norse trilogy. We’re waiting on a few responses to book one, so I’m still in limbo on the books, but I’ve sketched some exciting scenes I’d like to give a real run.  I’m thinking of slipping on the earphones and playing The Butterfly Effect–they make up a lot of Forecast’s soundtrack, but this was the song that gave me the characters’ relationship edge.


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  1. September 3, 2010    

    I hope Miriam likes it! I’m sure she will. Let us know what she thinks as soon as you find out.

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