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Killer Last Week & Updates

Ack! Only one post last week. My apologies. Had a killer week with a lot of unexpected family and friend things happening. In fact, I was so busy, the house is out-of-order (Pretty sure the laundry is planning a takeover and I lost the surface of my desk…) and the writing has built to an uncomfortable back up in the brain. It might be quiet here a few more days while I catch up. 

You’ll notice the new pirate banner I made in my sidebar. E-pirating is a huge problem for our industry. It’s truly hurting the publishing world and especially the authors who write these books people love to read. If you click on the pirate, it takes you to a fantastic article by Jeaniene Frost that explains why.

Oh! And do check out the Deadline Dames  website while I’m gone. We were aware of super slow load times and email and update issues, so we hired a wonderful Web Dame. She designed us a fresh, new, wicked-cool look and will be going through and updating all our pages.  Follow the boots in the sidebar to see.

I do want to send out some love to my sisters. We’re so busy, we hardly see each other and that needs to change. I very dear friend of mine lost her sister last week and my heart hurts for her. I’ll be with her today.

Take the time out this week to hug someone you love. 🙂

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