So okay, I’ve been going back and forth on the moods here. Enjoying the holiday season with my family, but fighting this dragging disappointment over publishing. I’ve been left on hold a bit… okay, way more than a bit, and it pulls at the heart some.

Luckily, my critique partner has a wicked deadline. Not lucky for her–a January 1st deadline is so not fair with holidays so close! But reading her new adult series is pulling my mind out of the “I’m so ready for a book deal” wallowing place. heh heh

So… with this current fight to stay positive going on, I probably shouldn’t have watched The Road. 

But I did.

I have a thing for post-apocalyptic movies. It’s not because I’m into the horror or the hows and whys. (Yeah, not a word.) No, I’m drawn to the survival of these stories. How people go on, how they deal, how they remain human. I’m drawn to what the survivors build-new societies and new ways of life. 

I’d heard the movie was slow, so I waited to watch it alone. My husband can’t handle slow movies. Plus, I had this feeling, I would bawl my eyes out.

Yeah, I did.

In fact, the movie is haunting me. It’s bleak, depressing and relentless. I had to stay up an extra two hours to try and get it out of my head so I could sleep. There is nothing left in their world to give hope… yet, the love and kindness in this father and son touches you on a level that stays.

Viggo Mortenseon and Kodi Smit-McPhee tore me up with their portrayal of the man and the boy. I’ll warn you, not a happy movie at all and you’re left to wonder and to worry, but I probably won’t be forgetting Viggo’s performance anytime soon.

And for the record, my post-apocalyptic/dystopian works are nowhere near this bleak. Unnatural Selection does deal with bleak, but it’s more about overcoming obstacles, fighting for what you believe in–fighting for the people you love. Similar premise, but there is some sunlight… Kay? 😉

Okay, off to find something uplifting now.

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  1. I know what you mean with the enjoy-the-holidays fun versus the publishing blues :-/ But you know, all it means is that 2011 could be a banner year! And that the best is yet to come 🙂

    I posted about Christmas songs on my blog, with links to videos. They should cheer you up!

  2. I will be checking out your holiday tunes when I return from last minute shopping. Yes, I’m officially crazy for hitting a store today. 😉

    I hope 2011 is your year too!

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