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Weather Good for Writing

Well, I finished the small side writing project for realz. Took it apart and put it back together yesterday. That’s one major plus of this winter storm. Today I’m going to finally polish up the last chapter of US. My CP is still pretty early in her critiques so she isn’t waiting on this chapter. Poor thing got two sets of line edits when she got my entire book, so she’s been swamped. If I were at the point in my career where I had publisher deadlines, I would have gone ahead and sent it to my agent–she’ll let me know if there are problems–but since this is a personal deadline, an extra week or two doesn’t hurt anything. And yes, I had to tell myself this because I am a stickler for deadlines

All deadlines are practice runs for the real ones.  😉

But I want this book to go to Miriam in VERY good shape. From buzz on the Net, there are a lot of dystopian books making the rounds so mine needs to shine.

So today, polishing and then I have to come up with what to cook because we have extra teens stranded with us. Apparently, the planned ham and potato chowder isn’t making anyone do cartwheels. (Don’t know why not-sounds good to me.) But, my double ovens are still not working. 🙁 so I’m having to be creative.

BTW, one of the teens walked miles in the cold yesterday to get here. BECAUSE SHE WAS BORED. The winds were 50 mph and the wind chill was -16 and she walked something like five miles with two boys. They came in long enough to meet me then kept going to one’s girlfriend’s house. Soooo tempted to put these three crazy kids in my next YA.

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