Not a lot of writing over the last few days. I finished a synopsis and got a proposal for something new off to my agent last week, but the weekend was filled with family and friends. Was seriously busy nearly every minute since last Thursday.

I’m mulling a few things right now. Might make a few changes. While I love writing books and still have every intention of seeing them on store shelves, I’m the kind of person who thrives on accomplishment. A lot of what I do is out of my hands once the story is done. As you all know, things are a little slow in New York these days. Books are still selling, but it’s taking longer.  I do miss earning a living. 😉 So, I’m considering going back to work full time. Have a possibility that piqued my interest. 

If this pans out, no worries on the writing and blogging front. I managed an office, kids and held a work-at-home job–all while writing books before–so I’m not worried it will slow me down.

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