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At The Deadline Dames & Offering...

At The Deadline Dames & Offering Prize!

You canĀ totally laugh at a picture of me in public for the chance to win a great paranormal YA novel by P. T. Michelle today… Follow the DAME!

Still Typing Away

Still Typing Away

Been pretty busy. I’m revising one manuscript, finished another and I’ve been taking care of more day job things. Combine that with summer activities and you get busy Rinda. But stick around, there is movement on some writing and you never know… maybe this time, that movement will reach a better destination. šŸ˜‰ Until then, […]

Revision Cave Has Critters & My ...

Revision Cave Has Critters & My Kindle Love

My kids are the critters. <g>Ā  They get bored and come in to chat, so the writing gets interrupted. But that’s okay. I’m still getting a lot done and I love them like crazy. I broke my cave rule though to share that I LOVE MY KINDLE. Yeah, I recently got one and oh man, […]

The Butt Master

The Butt Master

Revision Cave was interrupted. I mentioned to my husband that I needed some sort of workout boot camp and he came up with a brilliant idea. I’d go to work with him a few days. (He’s also working alone on a job in the country and was feeling lonely.) My husband remodelsĀ homes now–he used to […]

Going Into Deep Revision Mode

Going Into Deep Revision Mode

I was going to post the entire first half of chapter one of Unnatural Selection, but honestly, I worry about sharing that much of the book on a public website. What happened to this book you ask? IĀ kept seeing editors talk about getting too many dystopian YA submissions, so IĀ set it to the side to […]

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