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New Office, New Outlook

Gave my home office a completely new look over the weekend. I now have an elliptical next to my desk so I can get up and work out between long bouts of sitting. I have a new desk thanks to my sister’s move and it has a better setup for work with a keyboard tray and high monitor shelf. I had a messy bulletin board covered with encouraging notes, research notes and a few comments from my agent. Oh, and several YA blogger emails asking about Foretold–my Norse young adult novel.  To make the office a little nicer on the eyes, I filed most of those away. Cleaned the messy up.

However, I kept one note out, and stuck it to the wall right by my desk.

There is something special about getting a fantastic response from an author you admire. She had asked about my young adult work and I sent her Foretold. I’ll share a bit of her response and you’ll understand why I keep this where I can see it.

“I can’t believe someone has not snatched this book up and run with it! I found it completely absorbing and fascinating, and I love that it’s not the same-old, same-old mythology.”

She went on to offer encouragement, called me a terrific writer, then said she won’t let me quit. Can you see why I keep it out?

I haven’t quit yet, but I did go through a period of discouragement and I’ve had such incredible support from other authors. But I worked through most of that. I’m loving the writing again and am becoming immersed in the stories while I fall in love with my characters again.

And to go with that new outlook, things finally started moving.  Behind the scenes stuff happening with both my young adults and my adult urban fantasies, but these things take time, so I still can’t share what.

But hang in there… this blog could get a lot more fun soon. 😉


  1. June 5, 2012    

    Tease 😛 Can’t wait to hear the news!

  2. June 5, 2012    

    I’m DYING to share my news. And I’ll say again, I’m thrilled you’re looking forward to it. 😉

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