All My Books?

What’s happening with all my books?

Dweller on the Threshold, the first in my new full length urban fantasy series from Samhain will be releasing in March. (I can’t WAIT for the cover. Samhain artists simply rock. Also, these books are magically up at Goodreads already.)

The sequel, Blood of an Ancient, is scheduled for July.

The first in my Norse YA series, Foretold, is still out on submission and still capturing a little interest here and there. I’d give it a rest, but nearly every editor who has read it, liked it. The Norse aspect seems to hold it back, but I know of some big Norse books coming up and really feel there could be a surge of interest in the genre. (Plus, I LOVE IT!) I’ve rewritten it for a couple of publishers and it’s had three beginnings now. The process on this particular book has been a bit heartbreaking. If I just didn’t love the trilogy so much. 😉 (There are supposed to be a few periods after much, but WordPress is grumpy.)

I still remember the day my agent called about it. She was so excited! She and I both still feel there’s a good home for the trilogy. Oh, I’m also considering putting the original beginning back into the book and marketing it as a “new adult” book instead. The heroines are all eighteen and I’m seeing the “new adult” term bandied about.

I’ve set aside the YA dystopian, Unnatural Selection, for now. There are so many of those out there, the market kind of slowed. I do like the story and the entire first draft is complete, so who knows? I might hold it back until it feels right.

I may have another series in the works, but I haven’t decided whether it will be under my name or the pen name I use for my erotic romance series. It’s this dark and sexy southern Gothic about The Brothers Bernaux. Oh, I’m also currently publishing two series under my pen name.

So, that’s what’s happening in my world. Hope yours is just as busy and fun!

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  1. I love your Kithran books, and cannot wait for Dweller on the Threshold! I don’t understand about the Norse myth aspect thought for your YA’s. I know many, many people who LOVE Norse mythology, and with Thor and such making that more popular… Can’t wait to read those either!

    My short story just released- August 31st, and is doing really well. I have one series on submission to an agent and one I’m series I’m polishing; my ZombieYA. And I have a novella releasing in January as well.

  2. October, I didn’t get a notification for this, so I never replied. Sorry! Congrats on releasing a short story and good luck with your submissions! And yes, there are a lot of us who love Norse mythology, so I haven’t entirely given up. I’ll self publish it rather than scrap it, though. Too many have emailed after reading excerpts at The Deadline Dames. I’d like all those readers to at least get it. 😉

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