Plotting With Rachel

Had SUCH a wonderful day. I’m nuts about my critique partner (Rachel Vincent) and though we lived near each other when we first started working together, she moved away for years. Seriously, YEARS. But she called nearly daily and we kept working. Now, she’s moved back and this time, she’s even closer. I got a taste of what it’s going to be like for us today working one on one in person. Have to admit, I’m addicted already. Today, we took a paranormal romance I’d partially written that had stalled and we FIXED it. It is sooooo good now, I will sail right through this. OMG, you guys are gonna love Luca and Sidney!

Hmm… WordPress is saying I used all my space for images. Since I know this isn’t right, I’ll have to figure out what’s going on. In the meantime, you can see our goofy pics here. 😉

Oh, Rachel typed up a synopsis of how we did this in her status on FB. LOL!


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  1. I think Twitter Images are quiet large, maybe format it into a smaller size? With the permisson from Rachel to Save(copy) her photo and edit it. 🙂 I’m quiet curious about this Luca and Sidney characters. I use wordpress as well but never encounter the problem you had today. thanks for sharing your day! Rachel pretty awesome! ad well as you.

  2. Looks like WordPress has a new media limit of 50 mb. This is a pretty old blog, so I have a lot of images in it. I’ll either have to delete a lot, move my blog or upgrade. Perfect time for a new website, I think. 😉 Luca and Sidney are new characters in a fun paranormal romance. I’ll share more when I have more news. And yeah, Rachel is pretty awesome.

  3. That’s awesome news (about the writing, not the image space)! I bet you could host your images on flickr or something and get them to appear here still.

    Paul (

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