Dweller on the Threshold is OUT

Edited: I’m already getting searches for where to find it free. Getting searches for torrents. Dweller is under $5 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. That’s less than lunch out. I spent years writing and trying to sell this book. 🙂 Please support authors. We really do work hard, hoping to give you hours of fun escape. Oh! If you’re looking for a pdf or epub versions, you can get one at my publisher here. Thanks again! 

So yeah, I have a book out. LOL! As if I haven’t talked about it too much.

And here is the full of its first review. It was the first thing I read today, so release day started out pretty nice for me. Okay, it started out kick-ass NICE for me.


Here are the links where you can purchase it.

Samhain Publishing- any e-format you want and a nice discounted price for the next week!


Barnes and Noble- 

All Romance- 


0 thoughts on “Dweller on the Threshold is OUT”

  1. Yes. This publisher puts books out as ebooks first and then releases print–usually a year later. If you simply can’t wait for print , there are ways to read it even if you don’t have an ereader. The Kindle app for PCs is pretty nice and it’s free. Or the Nook app. Also, pdf works. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the release of your book, Rinda. And what a fantastic review! It has taken a few years but it has finally happened – woo hoo!!!

  3. I know. YEARS. I think you were around here when this book picked up agent interest. In 2008. Wow. Oh, I’ll have some more fun news coming up, too. 😉

  4. Yes I was Rinda. I found your blog way back then when I was writing short stories. Now I’m painting and drawing instead. We all find our own creative niche – and you’ve found the success you deserve!

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