Edited: I’m already getting searches for where to find it free. Getting searches for torrents. Dweller is under $5 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. That’s less than lunch out. I spent years writing and trying to sell this book. 🙂 Please support authors. We really do work hard, hoping to give you hours of fun escape. Oh! If you’re looking for a pdf or epub versions, you can get one at my publisher here. Thanks again! 

So yeah, I have a book out. LOL! As if I haven’t talked about it too much.

And here is the full of its first review. It was the first thing I read today, so release day started out pretty nice for me. Okay, it started out kick-ass NICE for me.


Here are the links where you can purchase it.

Samhain Publishing- any e-format you want and a nice discounted price for the next week!


Barnes and Noble- 

All Romance-