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Dweller on the Treshold72lg Dweller on the Threshold is staying discounted at both Amazon ($4.24)  and

Barnes and Noble ($4.95)

Some really nice reviews coming in. Yes, I’m still reading them. Yes, I know it can be painful. But… it’s so very, very rewarding when you get to see that something you wrote entertained someone. 🙂


Dweller on the Threshold has everything I love about urban fantasy: strong worldbuilding, a kickass heroine, a solid and entertaining group of supporting characters, and enough smolder to set a room on fire.”


“It was witty and clever. The premise was definitely different – in a great way. The characters were not your typical character archetypes. The enemy – the dweller on the threshold – was more than a little bit scary.”

Also, my book got a mention in USA Today. I’m thrilled. We didn’t get to do a lot of early promo on this book, so every mention helps. 🙂


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