New Lap Desk

Edit: This post gets a lot of traffic. I guess there are quite a few people out there looking for the right lap desk. It’s now January 4th and I wanted to add that this desk is still holding up well. It’s sturdier than I first thought and being able to adjust the legs for my different writing areas is priceless. I’d recommend it. Unfortunately, I don’t see the link on Amazon anymore for the silver–but there is pink. <g> I think there are other colors available, too, if you want to look around. ) 

One of the small but big-to-me problems of being on a laptop so much is that I HATE having a laptop on my lap. I’ve tried many different lap desks and the truth is, if they are actually ON my lap, it doesn’t work for me. There are heat and circulation issues. Sore legs.

I work at a desk as much as possible, but let’s face it, there are times you need to work on your bed or on the couch. A huge, heavy breakfast tray doesn’t work either. They are hard to maneuver when you get up and down a lot, they’re heavy, bulky and the worst? Too freaking high for non-painful typing. Right now I can’t work at my desk. Have a kiddo home and she’s using my office, so I’ve been trying everything to make this work.

I finally broke down and tried something new. It arrived today. Here are my feelings so far. It’s light, the legs are adjustable so I can have it right over my lap and not ON my lap. I’ve been on it an hour and so far, the heat isn’t an issue and the typing height is perfect. I’ll let you know how it holds up. That will be the big test. Already, the tray dips a little with the weight of my laptop. Oh and my laptop isn’t very wide–this wouldn’t work for the larger sized laptops. SAMSUNG


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