I’ve been really excited about the release of this book. I loved writing about Coral and Taran and am still grinning over how much my editor fell for Taran. FORECAST is the second in my Norse young adult trilogy about teens fighting to stop the end of the world.  With every book, the danger escalates.

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Forecast final cover


Here’s a snippet leading into one of my favorite scenes in the book.

“Dad.” Taran held up his hands. “You have to listen to me.

“I saw this locked in evidence myself.” Grady’s stare held something that ripped into my gut like a knife. It had to be shredding Taran. Horror. His father was looking at him with a mix of horror and devastation. “How is this here?”

Taran’s throat moved as he swallowed and his voice when he spoke sounded rusty. “You’re not gonna believe me.”

“Try me.”

“There’s a lot more going on here than you understand.”

His dad narrowed his eyes. “Really.”

Taran walked toward his father. “Mom was right. About everything.” He lowered his voice. “You know the stories as well as I do and it’s all coming true. Right now. The snow? The wave?”

“The giants,” breathed Josh. He stood by the front window, his face draining of color right as a thunderous crash sounded from outside.

“What?” I asked, startled.

Grady Breen beat the rest of us to the window. “What the—”

“There’s more than one.” Josh put his palms on the glass. “And they’re nothing like the one we saw last night.”

The house shook, the tea in a mug on the coffee table sloshed, and I was reminded of that scene in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex walked through the jungle. Taran and I stared at each other and I could see the acceptance settle on his face as he realized what he had to do. I held my breath, feeling the power rolling off him in waves of electricity that made the hair on my arms stand.

His dad must have felt it because he turned his shocked gaze from the window to his son, and I saw a flurry of emotions pass over his features until it all faded into a mix of determination and acceptance. “Your mom was right about all of it. I can’t believe it.” He shook his head, then squared his shoulders as another crash sounded from outside, followed by a woman’s terrified scream.

Grim came into the room, carrying the glove and the staff.

I quickly handed Taran his coat. He didn’t look away from me as he slid his arms in the sleeves. I stepped close, zipped up the coat and stood on my toes. He leaned down so our faces were even. Swallowing the fear gathering in my throat, I searched for the right words, but all I could think to say was, “Don’t die.”

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