Hard at Work-SHATTER

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Snow is consuming my world!

Jocelynn and I are hard at work on SHATTER, the second book in our Unbreakable Bonds series, so I’ve been a little lax in posting here. (Trust me, Snow has a way of taking over everything else in your life.) I am, however, posting often on the site we share. To find out more about what we have going on, to read some free short fiction and more, go to Drake and Elliott. 

I know some people are confused about why I moved to M/M romance and it’s not really that surprising if you’ve been reading the books I publish under the pen name Dani Worth. I started out publishing menage fiction (M/M/F) before I ever published under this name. Dani Worth is part of my middle name and part of my husband’s. I truly love M/M romance and that shines through in my Dani books–especially when you get to the full length ORIGIN. So, though I will continue to write M/F romance and urban fantasy, I’ll be publishing more M/M fiction in the future because I love it. 🙂

If you enjoy a sexy space opera romp (With mouthy space pirates!) and like M/M/F romance, you can read Origin out of order. It’s the fourth in my Kithran Regenesis series. The first two, Kithra and Replicant, are novellas and yes, they should have been longer stories. I was new to sexy novellas and thought that length was popular. LOL. But the story grew and Catalyst and Origin are both longer books and though they do feature the original characters as secondary characters, I’ve been told Origin can stand alone. 🙂


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