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Finding the Right Man for Snow

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Affection, passion, a strong hand…and complete acceptance. That’s what Snow needed. He needed love.

Copied from the joint blog I write with author, Jocelynn Drake.

It wasn’t easy coming up with the right man for Snow, but when Jude came to life, we knew he was perfect.

I could not come up with a blog topic today. This isn’t new. I do this of

ten. I’ve blogged so many years, it feels like I’ve said it all so most of my word sharing comes through the stories I’d rather be writing. 😉

But… I also love interacting with readers who truly love the books. There are days when I’m struggling and a trip into our reader’s group cheers me. There is always at least one of the Unbreakable Readers online who is ready to enjoy a fun image or talk about the guys. So…sometimes I chat and share a little too much. Like who will NOT be Rowe’s upcoming love interest. I soothe the wounds with beautiful pictures, of course.

While procrastinating today and putting up pictures of our inspiration for Sven and a funny video of Andrei goofing off, Jocelynn suggested that I write about Snow. She just wrote about Lucas and Andrei and she knows me. Knows I love all things Snow and Jude. I’m attached to them and could happily write about them forever.

So, how about some honest behind-the-scenes sharing?

I struggled with exactly how to get Snow’s story to you. I knew he came across as kind of a snow and judejerk, but also knew he is anything but. He’s actually so incredibly capable of love, he fights to shut that part of himself down. He had to out of self-preservation with his family–people who should have loved and accepted him and did not. Lucas is the only one who has ever been able to truly give Snow comfort. Ian and Rowe offer love and friendship, but Lucas is the one who has always known when to wrap him up and hold him tight. Problem was, Snow needed more than that and he needed it in a way that couldn’t come from Lucas. He also needed passion.

Coming up with the right person for Snow wasn’t easy. In the beginning, I told Jocelynn that I knew what Snow needed sexually, but I was struggling a bit with what kind of person would be strong enough and care enough to bust down Snow’s walls. Then Jude walked into our story and once I got to know him, I couldn’t get enough. He’s patient, loving, and soooo NOT a push-over. Snow needs someone strong as well as patient. Jude Torres is wonderfully, wonderfully strong. He’s confident, but can get his heart broken because when he loves, he loves with everything he is.

And yes, he loves Snow. Every gorgeous, prickly, hurt part of the doctor.

I think I struggled through parts of Shatter because I had fallen so hard, I wanted to portray this couple in a way that would make others fall just as hard. Jocelynn did, too. We spent a lot of time hashing out the story, the characters, everything. One thing we were completely confident about was Jude and the way he and Snow re
acted or responded to the other. They were simply perfect for each other.

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