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Follow the link.

Follow the link.

Really fun post at Drake and Elliott that shares behind the scenes conversations between Jocelynn and me.  I am blogging a lot more there these days. Also, the first free short story featuring Snow and Jude is posting there MONDAY!!!!

Book Releases & Stories from the...

Book Releases & Stories from the Heart

Mirroring this post from where I blog more often at There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes during a book release. Lots of things to get done and to worry about. I am a worrier and nothing I do seems to alleviate that, so I just work on dealing with it. I’m […]

Where I Hang!

I have not been updating my website a lot lately, but I am fully entrenched in the writing world still. A little over a year ago, I decided to jump into a project with author, Jocelynn Drake. We decided to take off on our own for a time and write something we both really wanted […]


Are you ready to see the cover for Shatter? I will admit that we had a difficult time finding an image that we loved as much as the image we used for the cover of Shiver. That one really grasped Lucas’s arrogance and confidence perfectly. That being said… we are absolutely IN LOVE with the […]

Kithran Regenesis News

Cover Reveal! Samhain has decided to release the first three volumes of my Kithran Regenesis Series in one book! Kithra (novella), Replicant (novella), and Catalyst (category romance length) will be together in both digital and print for one great price. It releases May 3rd. All three of these are M/M/F erotic, menage romances.



All my books at Samhain are 40% off right now for Valentine’s Day! Rinda Elliott & Dani Worth

We Know You’ve Been WaitingR...

So many goodies! SHATTER’s release date, blurb, pre-order link and updated excerpt!

If You Love SHIVER…

If You Love SHIVER…

Make sure you keep up with the Drake and Elliott Tumblr! We post sexy inspirations for our characters, setting hints and even introduce you to new characters. But if anything, just go to see Ashton Frost, or Snow, smiling. 😉  

Free Short Story!

Free Short Story!

To celebrate the holidays, Jocelynn and I have released a new short story today on our website only. We’ve gotten a lot of love and excitement over the Unbreakable Bonds series. And while you wait for us to finish the second book – Shatter – we have been releasing short stories so you can keep […]

Hard at Work-SHATTER

Jocelynn and I are hard at work on SHATTER, the second book in our Unbreakable Bonds series, so I’ve been a little lax in posting here. (Trust me, Snow has a way of taking over everything else in your life.) I am, however, posting often on the site we share. To find out more about […]

What It’s Like To See Your Work Taken For Free

For Me As a Royalty Only Author
And a wonderful post by author Jeaniene Frost about the ramifications.

Dweller on the Threshold’s First Review

From Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks review blog.
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"“Once in a while, I pick up a first book in a new series and, once finished, want to run around the streets of my town and shout “This book was just awesome! Everybody should read this!!” This happens to me once, maybe twice a year. Well guess what? It happened after I finished Dweller on the Threshold by Rinda Elliott. And not only did I want to run through my town telling everyone about it, I wanted to run down the highway and go to the nearest city! This is an excellent urban fantasy debut and I am very excited to tell you guys all about it." The Full Review

FORESWORN-Video Interview for FIKTSHUN Blog...Or The Queen of UM.

Fun Pics from 2015 RT Convention!