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May 13, 2016 RindaElliott 0

Really fun post at Drake and Elliott that shares behind the scenes conversations between Jocelynn and me.  I am blogging a lot more there these […]

Where I Hang!

April 3, 2016 RindaElliott 0

I have not been updating my website a lot lately, but I am fully entrenched in the writing world still. A little over a year […]


February 21, 2016 RindaElliott 2

Are you ready to see the cover for Shatter? I will admit that we had a difficult time finding an image that we loved as […]

Kithran Regenesis News

February 15, 2016 RindaElliott 0

Cover Reveal! Samhain has decided to release the first three volumes of my Kithran Regenesis Series in one book! Kithra (novella), Replicant (novella), and Catalyst […]