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If you came here…

If you came here…

If you came here to download illegal movies, they’re gone. I never stored them here–I was hacked illegally. Why did I have to be hacked? Because what you are doing is ILLEGAL. And it hurts people like me who write for a living.

Personal Sharing

This is a mirrored post because somehow, this post on pirating got hacked and seemed to be helping people pirate. So, I’m copying and pasting to see if it happens again. 🙁 Big, honest and very personal share today. I’m not fond of preachy posts, but I’m breaking my own rule in writing this. (It’s […]

Unbreakable Stories: Ian is Live!

Look just went LIVE! Surprise!   Unbreakable Stories: Ian is here. Not only do you get to see this gorgeous cover (Design by Drake) for the first time, but you can get your copy today! We did this one a little differently. We didn’t set up a release date or pre-orders. We didn’t even have […]

Excerpt! Unbreakable Stories: Ian

Cross-posted from the blog I write with Jocelynn Drake-  Excerpt today! But first, we’re getting lots of questions about the release date for Unbreakable Stories: Ian and the truth is, we don’t have one. We are actually in the final stages of all the work that goes into a book and will be hitting […]

Current Projects

Since October of 2015, I’ve been focusing on the MM erotic romantic suspense series I write with co-author, Jocelynn Drake. You can learn all about us at and we also have a really fun–and not always safe for work–reader’s group called Unbreakable Readers in Facebook. We’ve released all four full length books of the […]

Lots in Kindle Unlimited now

First up, I want to show off some new covers! I did love my original covers but had some trouble trying to purchase them. Getting nine books and novellas back left me in a quandary. Covers aren’t cheap and there’s a lot to learn about formatting and more when you self-publish. (Jocelynn does the formatting […]

Crux Survivors Live in Kindle Unlimited!

This beautiful cover is by Sloan J Designs! Crux Survivors is live in Kindle unlimited! This is a compilation of After the Crux and Sole Survivors, a novella and book I originally published as Dani Worth with Samhain Publishing. These are very sexy! After the Crux is MMF menage and Sole Survivors is MF […]

Beri is Live Again

Look who is once again out in the world! (And she’s in Kindle Unlimited!)  I received the rights back on my Beri O’Dell books along with all of the others from Samhain Publishing and I’m working on getting new covers and making some into compilations. I’ll share as they come up. So what’s this about? […]

Re-release Cover Reveal!

Look at this pretty! It was designed by Gaslight Graphics and I’ll be sharing his website as soon as it goes live. Dweller on the Threshold should be up on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited very soon! I’ll update this post with a link when it’s live.